Kids need correct sun protection
Boy with Mokki Click & Change sunglasses

Children’s eyes need extra protection from different types of light. That’s why Mokki Eyewear has designed a sunglass-system that provides good protection for all children regardless of activity and environment. Choosing the right protection should be easy. The goal is therefore to always be best in test. That’s how we ensure that your sunglasses are protecting your child properly.

Mokki Click & Change is a sunglass system for children and babies, and it has won international awards. The system comes with two different glasses: Outdoor and Urban. It is also possible to buy Mokki ScreenSafe (computer glasses) as a recommended addition.

Detaljbilde av Mokki Click & Change Urban solbrille

Mokki Click & Change Urban is our everyday spectacle. These sunglasses have BlueBlock protection that protects against both blue light and UV rad. This type of protection is especially important for children under the age of five as they do not have fully developed retinas and thus are more at risk when it comes to harmful blue light. So, these sunglasses do not only protect against the dangerous ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun in the middle of the day, but also act as computer glasses. These glasses are optimized for protecting the child’s eyes, and we recommend them for use in kindergartens and schools where the children are outdoors. The frame is marked with an U.

Detaljbilde av Mokki Click & Change Outdoor solbrille

Mokki Click & Change Outdoor is our outdoor glasses. Like all Mokki sunglasses, these sunglasses provide proper protection from the sun’s UV rays, but they also have polarized lenses that provide additional protection against reflection from water, snow and sand. This makes the glasses more comfortable for your child. However, overuse of polarized sunglasses for young children can negatively affect underdeveloped corneas if they are used for a long period at the time. Therefore, we recommend using these sunglasses only in reflected areas. The frame is marked with an O.

What is UV400 protection?

All our glasses have UV400 protection. It’s standard and regulated, so all sunglasses brands like Ray Ban, Izipizi etc. have it. But Mokki Click & Change has even more! Click & Change is a customized system for children and baby sunglasses for all types of activities and environments. Designed to fit the face perfectly, they provide the best sun protection from all angels. Because children are more often in outdoor activity, they also get more exposed to direct sunlight than us adults. That’s why, first and foremost, children need great quality sun protection.

Boysunglasses from Mokki Click & Change

We believe general sun protection for children, as well as sun protection for babies is a very important topic and therefore we encourage everyone to talk to their children and young ones about the importance of sun breaks and the use of high factor sunscreen (preferably with both physical and chemical filters) and most importantly: good eye health in the sun.

Too much sun exposure can cause long-term damage, and in the worst case, cataracts. Sunglasses that provide good, and proper protection for children are therefore very important.

Do children need computer glasses?

Girl uses mokki computer glasses

Children spend more time in front of a screen. The emmission of blue light irritates the retina. This can results in symptoms such as headaches, red eyes and blurred vision. ScreenSafe glasses with BlueBlock are therefore much needed. For children under the age of five, the blue light rays can also cause serious eye problems in the future. So blocking out blue light rays is very important for our youngest ones.

Mokki Click & Change ScreenSafe reduces blue light by 99% and reduces the load on the retina. Comfort and optimal quality is very important, so we have also treated the ScreenSafe lens with an anti-reflective (AR) coating. Not only on one singel side, but on both sides of the glass. That is how we protect our children’s eyes!