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Click & Change Complete Set. Two Pairs of Sunglasses with Accessories. Ages: 0-2.

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Mokki Click & Change for Ages 0-2

An innovative kit of two complementing pairs of premium sunglasses, each fitted with its own unique lens for different environments and weather conditions, and a set of quick-and-easy changeable accessories that give maximum freedom in every activity.

Our international award-winning Norwegian eyewear design provides unmatched care for your young child’s eyes during their most vulnerable and early stages of development. Click & Change assures the most comprehensive, all-round protection for your child in any environment, activity and weather condition.

Click & Change is ergonomically designed to offer unmatched comfort, and is manufactured of the most technologically advanced and child-friendly materials. The product contains no hazardous chemicals or pigments, and is free of screws and other metal parts. Designed and tested by experts in Norway.

Read here to learn more about the original and flexible design of Click & Change.

Every Box Contains:

Urban Frame – Fitted with BlueBlock Lenses
Outdoor Frame – Fitted with Polarized Lenses
Two Bendable Temple Arms
Neck Strap
Stretchy Headband
Two SideShields
SunnyBuddy Microfiber Cloth
Double Pocket Protective Pouch

Click & Change is available in two sizes: Ages 0-2 and 2-5.

  • Urban Frame Fitted with BlueBlock Lenses
  • Outdoor Frame Fitted with Polarized Lenses
  • 100% Block of UV light
  • 100% Child Friendly - contains no hazardous chemicals or pigments
  • Free of screws and small parts
  • Ergonomically designed for children's natural facial curvature
  • Anti-Scratch Double Coating for both pairs
  • Anti-Reflective Inner Coating for both pairs
  • Suitable for Rx-lenses
  • CE & FDA Certified
  • Opacity: Category 4